Application: Thames Piers for London River Services (LRS)

Pier Lighting: as part of LRS’s recent extensions and upgrading of their Thames Piers, Transit has supplied INSERT as part of a complete installation package. The works were carried out by our Installation Partners, SG System Products & Holbrook Electrical at a total of 4 locations.
Total handrail length: 440m
Total number of INSERTS installed: 940
Total power consumption:  1.316 Kw
(including losses)

Due to the exposed position of the Piers SG System Products PVC sleeved handrail was chosen. Stargard provides a “warm to the touch” feel and is fully DDA compliant, INSERT fits perfectly into the PVC wall resulting in a discreet, flush installation;
the PVC outer was formulated  to match London River Services corporate colour.
All wiring is integral with runs up to 60 metres from the power supply. A dedicated, maintained emergency lighting circuit is connected to alternate INSERT’s and powered by a remote battery system.

Supplied to site pre -wired with INSERT’s installed. Handrail installation carried out by SG System Products, wiring by Holbrook Electrical
SG System Products:
Holbrook Electrical:

Example: Millbank Pier
Length: 61 metres
Width: 3 metres
INSERT spacings: 0.53 metres
Handrail rotated from Nadir: 45 degrees
Average illumination:     50lux
Min. illumination:           21lux
Max. Illumination:           65lux
Min./Average:  0.43
Min/Max:         0.33

Performance can be altered to suit individual projects, please contact us if you have a similar application or require photometric files.

Pier Handrail Lighting
Pier Lighting Photometric Simulation