RAILled Asymmetric handrail lighting

RAILled Asymmetric – a  high-performance 1 watt LED projector for metal handrails.

Railled Asymmetric handrail lighting, designed to throw light across the target surface, sited at the base of the handrail. Available at up to 45-degree rotation for optimum asymmetric projection.

RAILled emits light from the underside of the handrail producing a asymmetric beam to provide even illumination across walkways, stairs etc. Its narrow aperture and recessed LED greatly reduces glare; further light control is possible with our selection of lenses.

RAILled is incredibly water resistant and is designed to resist impact loads.

Manufactured in 316 Stainless Steel to provide excellent corrosion resistance. To suit your handrail material we also provide  (to order) aluminium, brass, copper, bronze and plated mild steel, please let us know your requirements.

Suitable for handrails larger than 40mm diameter, we provide the body profiled to suit the handrail radius.


LED power consumption 1 watt
Operating current 350ma (typ. fV 2.85)
Lumen output: 120 lumens
Colour temperature 3000K warm white CRI 80
Beam angle 36 degrees
Ingress Protection Water resistant to IP67

Supplied with 700mm /1.2mm black & red PTFE sleeved wire

LED: 4000K / 5000K / Red / Green / Blue / Amber

Lens options; part#
14º 801105514
16º 801104716
23º 801100123
36º 801108236
46º 801100346
70º 801157370

RAILled Asymmetric Handrail Lighting
RAILled Asymmetric Handrail Lighting
RAILled Asymmetric Handrail Lighting