Illuminated handrail planning

It is not necessary to carry out illuminated handrail planning for every installation. For domestic  handrail, staircase and balcony installations, emphasis is usually more on decorative, dramatic appearance than performance to specification; the opposite is true for commercial and industrial projects.

As part of our support service we provide detailed software simulation of each project, this discipline is known as Photometric Design. Each product has a unique electronic file that contains information on beam spread, illumination performance and efficacy, this data is loaded into a scaled plan of the installation and a simulation run to find the results. These calculations are then compared to the required specification; installation spacings, lens type and PRO S positioning are then tweaked until the performance complies to the required project specification.

Results displayed as lines, false colours and point calculations are provided in PDF format for printing or publishing.

The positioning of our PRO S projector in  products RAILled and RAIled 2D are determined from this software. With RAIlled the inclination is caclulated to provide the optimum results with the light projected at 90 degrees from the run of the handrail. RAILled 2D from any position on two planes 0-60 degrees inclination, 0-359 degree rotation.

Photometry files available

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Illuminated handrail planning stair simulation
Illuminated handrail planning Dialux screenshot
Illuminated Handrail Planning Transit Lighting Support