All of our INSERT and RAILled products feature this close coupled projection system; the combination of a 1Watt Osram LED, our unique heat transfer system, and a high-efficiency focusing lens.


Performance and economyProjector 2

By selecting the perfect lens we tailor our products to provide the maximum performance in luminosity and efficiency for each individual project.  Every 1watt INSERT and RAILled is supplied with the optimum lens type to provide the correct overall intensity, uniformity, and the optimum spacing to reduce component and installation costs.

A selection of lenses is available with beam spreads from 6.4 to 94 degrees. Please contact us for our photometric design service and IES files.

Heat transfer

The light emitting diodes life and output are dependent on the LED chip functioning at the correct temperature. PRO S operates at the low running current of 350ma, this ensures the LED chip is not overstressed and will provide the best performance over its maximum working life.

PRO S achieves high performance whilst only consuming 1 watt of power. Current LED chips provide 50% efficiency at best, meaning that for every watt consumed half of that is transformed into heat. Our low power, high-efficiency PRO S produces ½ watt of heat which it distributes through the dense mass of the machined metal body; this is cooled by radiation to the surrounding atmosphere through its relatively large exposed surface or into the metal handrail with INSERT.

Tuning Performance

INSERT is a simple projector that is screwed into a pre-threaded hole in the handrail. It is cost effective and easy to retro-fit to existing installations with our Drill & Tap Jig.  Because of its method of fixing the beam is directed parallel with the body, to achieve maximum throw across a surface the handrail has to be rotated at installation (or drilled and tapped at the optimum angle with our Jig). The amount of rotation is dependent on the area the illumination has to cover and the intensity required.

RAILled Asymmetric
If you do not wish to rotate the handrail we have designed RAILled. This features a different type of mounting that allows for the product to be sited at the bottom of the handrail yet still project light asymmetrically across a surface. This is achieved by machining the body to site the projector at an inclined angle of up to 45 degrees.

RAILled  2D Asymmetric
We have further developed RAILled to offer the ultimate in performance and efficiency. Each RAILled 2D body is machined in 2 planes to provide projection across and along a surface. We can provide a number of optimised off the shelf solutions or custom made where the vertical and horizontal rotation are calculated from a photometric computer simulation of the installation. The result is just the right amount of light, exactly where it is needed; reducing RAILled quantities, installation time and energy.