PRO S. All of our INSERT and RAILled products feature this close coupled projection system; the combination of a 1Watt Osram LED, our unique heat transfer system, and a high-efficiency focusing lens.

Performance and economyProjector 2

Above all else PRO S is adaptable, with tailored combinations of lenses and led’s giving high-performance in every installation. Fine tuning for every project in order to maximise performance in luminosity and efficiency.  This results in the optimum combination, delivering the right amount of intensity and uniformity, additionally maximising spacing’s and thereby reducing component and installation costs.

Lenses are available with beam spreads from 19 to 94 degrees.

Heat transfer

Above all else, the Projectors life and performance are dependent on the LED working at the correct temperature. In order to reduce LED stress we recommend  350ma as the drive current, resulting in an anticipated life of 100,000 hours. As an alternative  500ma operation will give 33% more output with an expected life of 50,000 hours

PRO S achieves high performance whilst consuming only 1 watt of power. Current LED’s are at best 50% efficient, because of this, for every 1watt consumed half  is transformed into heat. The high efficiency PRO S efficiently distributes heat through the dense metal body and the face of INSERT and RAILled projectors.

Please contact us for Photometric designs and IES files.