Product: RAILled 2D Asymmetric
Application: Tunnel Emergency Lighting for evacuation in Rail Tunnels

Our RAILled 2D provides effective illumination for emergency escape routes.

In emergency situations, it is important to have adequate illumination and uniformity at floor level to allow for safe progress to the nearest exit.
RAILled 2D discreet light source produces  the right amount of light precisely where it is needed and with negligible glare.
The 2D orientation of the Pro S projector enables 1 watt of  power  to cover 4 metres of the floors surface between fixtures.

24 or 48v constant voltage operation with dedicated dc – dc converters

Handrail wiring can allow  for alternate RAIlled’s to be connected to individual power supplies / emergency back-up systems.

Pro S orientation:- 60 degrees from Nadir / 12 degrees rotation. Lens 16 degrees

1-watt consumption
Performance at 4-metre spacing:-
Average Illumination:  11.8 Lux
Min. illumination:       3.51 Lux
Max. illumination:        24.2 Lux
Min./Average:                  0.3
Min./Max:                        0.15
Width of platform 700mm
Handrail: 1M from floor level

Performance can be altered to suit individual projects, please contact us if you have a similar application or require photometric files.

Tunnel Emergency Handrail Lighting
RAIL TUNNEL Emergency Lighting