Illuminated balusters

SPINDLES -LED housing and components to make installation easier

Spindles bring a staircase to life, illuminating  the stair and the surrounding ambient space with a bright yet controllable illuminance.
The acrylic rods are available in clear, frosted, bubble, or custom with our bespoke design service providing surface effects to your requirements.  We supply Spindles cut to length and finished ready to install and wire into the prepared staircase.

Our Pro S system provides end illumination with the usual options of colour temperature and coloured  LED’s. To ensure the Pro S system is running at the correct temperature we have developed a dedicated heatsink to dissipate the LED’s heat safely and efficiently, this also acts to secure the baluster with a twist and lock action. To remove a Spindle simply rotate and lift, the heatsink and remove, the Pro S is attached to the base.
The LED assembly and lenses are replaceable, enabling the change to a warmer or cooler look, or coloured if you require.

Standard product:
Spindle diameter: 40mmFinish: Frosted
LED: 1watt
Colour temperature: 3000K

Colour temperatures 2700K – 6500K  + Red, Green, Blue and Amber to order

Custom designs and alternative diameters are available with our bespoke design service.
This product is available as LED assembly only, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Staircase and original spindle design by G Curnick Joinery     email:

Spindles illuminated staircase
Spindles illuminated