Wood handrail INSERT asymmetric

Wood handrail INSERT asymmetric throws light  across and along the target surface, producing a beam of light that covers a greater area. Ideal for staircase handrail.

Position at the optimum rotation and push fit into a pre-drilled hole. We
provide the PRO S projector elevated at an angle from 0-45 degrees depending on your requirements, you select the angle of rotation

In order to reduce heat and increase the led’s longevity INSERT for Wood features an all aluminium body which is supplied in a black or silver anodised finish, (other colours are available to order).


LED power consumption                                1 watt
Operating current                                            350ma (typ. fV 2.9v)
Lumen output:                                                 120 lumens
Standard colour temperature                       3000K (warm white) or 4000K cool white) CRI 80
Standard beam angle                                     36 degrees
Standard projector elevation                        35 degrees
Ingress Protection                                          Water resistant to IP67
Supplied with 700mm /1.2mm black & red PTFE sleeved wire

LED: White 2500 -6500 K/ Red / Green / Blue / Amber

Lens options; part#
16º  801104716
23º  801100123
46º  801100346

Wood handrail INSERT Asymmetric
Wood handrail INSERT Asymmetric