A range of durable, high-output LED projectors for metal handrails.

Metal handrail lighting projectors, precision engineered to provide light exactly where it is needed.

We offer a choice of options:

INSERT – a screw-in economic option with a wide choice of projection lenses.

RAILled – an asymmetric projector, sited at the base of the handrail. Software configured azimuth position to ensure maximum throw across the walkway or stair.

RAILled 2D – the ultimate performer with the projector position calculated in two planes to project light along, as well as across the surface.

RAILled Asymmetric Projector for Handrail Lighting

RAIlled v.2

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Handrail Lighting INSERT LED


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Asymmetric handrail lighting

RAILled 2D v.2

The ultimate performer

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