LED Handrail Training

Our LED handrail products are engineered to provided the optimum in performance and efficiency.
It is of paramount importance to us that the end user enjoys all of the benefits that our designs offer.

Transit Lighting is currently building a network of full trained illuminated handrail suppliers across the U.K. and Internationally . We are looking for dedicated companies and individuals to provide clients with complete solutions, for both new and retrofit installations

We understand that companies providing mechanical handrail installations do not necessarily have the electrical expertise for the planning and installation of lighting fixtures. Taking on handrail lighting also creates a challenge for sales and estimating personnel.

Our solution is a fully comprehensive training program covering installation, technical planning, sales and lighting techniques, backed with our on-going technical support.


Training covers all aspects including hole preparation/ tooling, wiring techniques, cable and connector requirements, testing and common fault finding.

Technical Planning

An understanding of Photometric performance planning.
As part of our support services we provide software modelling of each project,  Photometric simulation provides performance figures on illuminance levels and uniformity, to ensure compliance to specification and the end clients expectations. This aspect is particularly important for the RAILled and RAILled 2D products because the PRO S projectors position is determined from the optimised results calculated from the photometric design.

Planning and compliance to Lighting Standards

Cable sizing is another service provided from our office, but it is important that both planning and installation personnel are aware of this.

SELV regulations / requirements looking at LED forward voltage and required planning for series installations

Constant Current / Constant Voltage the pro’s and cons of Parallel and Series wiring

LED Driver types, specification and specifying (This is another back up service provided from our office)

Dimming, remote control of the light intensity

Colour temperature, CRI and monochrome LED’s

Emergency, wiring and specifications

Hands on installation.

Sales Training

Transit Lighting  handrail products offer a variety of sophisticated options to provide the precise amount of light precisely where it is needed.

For optimum results the configuration of each product is calculated from our Photometric design modelling, however it is very important that sales personnel have a thorough understanding of what is achievable.
Our sales training ensures that each salesperson has the professional confidence to specify the correct product combination for every project.

Lighting Techniques

An understanding of lighting projection, lenses and why performance and efficiency matters.


For further information please contact us: info@transitlighting.co.uk

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