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RAILled v.2

Precision engineered to project the precise
of light to precisely where it is needed

RAILled Precision Handrail Lighting

RAILled v.2
Powerful 1 watt asymmetric projector

Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel
Built for tough environments, finished for exquisite interiors

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Individual Lighting projectors designed to fit all types of handrail.

Transit LED Handrail Lighting products deliver the maximum performance, in energy consumption, illumination and longevity.
Transit technical contributes unrivaled support in order to make every design and installation as easy as possible.

LED handrail lighting is very versatile, it can deliver on both visual impact and safety. Not only creating style and ambience but also critical illumination for emergency evacuation and rescue.

Installing an illuminated handrail is relatively simple. However making the right decisions about lighting, the design, performance and effects on the surrounding environment is little more complex.

As a result of many years experience we have become a specialist in this industry. Delivering products and support services in response to exacting specifications and the voices of installers.

At Transit we believe that performance and conservation are to be considered equally. That is why we have engineered our incredibly efficient 1 watt projectors to maximise performance in both output and versatility.

When installed in conjunction with our free planning service you can be sure that every installation is the optimum, not only in illumination but also in cost and energy efficiency. Great! however with LED Handrail Lighting we have the opportunity to go further than simply reducing energy consumption.

Consideration and planning for the right amount of light brings even greater benefits.In the great outdoors our products provide improved safety for pedestrians, but just as importantly they reduce Light Pollution. To this end our discrete projectors are playing a big role in helping to protect nocturnal wildlife and in bringing back the Stars.

Handrail Lighting technical support 

Above all else we are here to make your project work. In order to achieve this we provide a range of support to encompass all that you may require, be it handrail lighting planning, training or technical support by phone or on-line.

On the other hand if you require the complete installed package we will put you into contact with one of our fully trained installation partners.

Finally are you a handrail supplier, building contractor or individual and wish to become one of our installation partners? In this case please read more on our LED handrail lighting training page.

LED Handrail Lighting Projectors for all types of handrail including curved forms and PVC sleeved.

Handrail lighting products

Metal handrail lighting

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Handrail lighting products

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