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RAILled v.2

Precision engineered to project the precise
of light to precisely where it is needed

RAILled Precision Handrail Lighting

RAILled v.2
Powerful 1 watt asymmetric projector

Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel
Built for tough environments, finished for exquisite interiors

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Individual Lighting projectors designed to fit all types of handrail.

LED Handrail Lighting projectors designed in order to maximise performance, in energy consumption, illumination and longevity.

Every product features our PRO S projector system.  This comprises of a Osram LED coupled with a focusing lens connected via an efficient heat management system. We accordingly select the optimum lenses for each project.

We ensure results with our photometric design service which calculates illumination levels and maximum spacings in order to ensure minimum power consumption and cost.

A good handrail installation always includes the optimum asymmetric angle of rotation from the handrail, in order to project light across the surface. With our fixed products this is achieved by rotating the handrail, however we also offer designs that are installed beneath the rail and project asymmetrically from within their body. More importantly we machine the angle of projection to suit each individual project.

Our ultimate performer is LED handrail lighting projector  RAILled 2D . This not only projects light across the walkway but also along it. The metal body is machined to the optimised co-ordinates established from software simulation. When used for emergency lighting this enables us to achieve spacings of up to 3metres with a consumption of just 1watt

Lighting for tough places and exquisite interiors all handrail lighting projectors are water resistant to IP 67 and vandal resistant to IK 10

Handrail Lighting technical support 

We are here to make your project work and in order to achieve this we provide whatever support you require. Whether you require handrail planning, on-line and phone support or liaison with our fully trained installation partners to deliver and install the complete package.

If you are a  handrail supplier, building contractor or individual and wish to become one of our installation partners please read more on our LED handrail lighting training page.

Individual LED Handrail Lighting Projectors for any type of handrail including curved forms and PVC sleeved.

Handrail lighting products

Metal handrail lighting

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Handrail lighting products

Wooden handrail

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