RAILled Asymmetric Handrail Lighting Projector

Railled Asymmetric handrail lighting projector, a discreet design sited beneath the handrail and profiled to match it’s radius.

A high performer designed to throw light across the walkway or stair in order to provide high levels of uniform illumination. Its hidden position coupled with the narrow aperture and recessed LED result in lighting without glare.

The RAILled body can site our PRO S projector anywhere between 0 -45 degrees and further light control is possible with our selection of lenses from 19 -70 degrees

All things considered – Handrail Chic. Built for tough environments, finished for exquisite interiors.

Despite it’s appearance RAILled is incredibly tough and water resistant. Manufactured in Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel to provide excellent corrosion resistance.Waterproof to IP67,  vandal resistant to IK10.

LED Handrail drivers and Emergency

Last but not least the choice of LED Handrail Driver.

Above all else safety has to be the main concern and on this basis the choice is either Constant Current or Constant Voltage.

Constant Current

Series connection. The easiest circuit to install RAILled, connecting to each other with a single wire return.

The driver provides a constant amperage, but as the number of RAILled increase so must the voltage, by nominally 3 volts per unit. In order to comply with SELV we recommend Class 2 drivers at a maximum output of 48volts d.c.. As a result  this means a maximum of 15 RAILled’s per driver.

See Constant Current Drivers>

Constant Voltage

Parallel / Series connection. A 24 volt d.c. supply requiring Dc-Dc converters in order to power up to 6 RAILled per converter.

The driver provides a constant voltage of 24 volts d.c resulting in compliance with SELV and the connection of any number of RAILled’s, limited only be cable loss.

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See d.c.-d.c. converters>


We provide 3hour Maintained battery back up for 24volt Constant Voltage operation

In order to operate on UPS Emergency systems we can provide A.C. drivers that will operate on a d.c. voltage as well

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Lamp: 1w LED 350ma 2.85fV nom.
Production colour temperatures: 3000K and 4000K
Average life: 100,000 hours 350ma  / 50,000 hours 500ma
Ingress protection: IP67
Impact resistance: IK10
Anodic index: 0.55 nom.
Dimming and emergency options available
Supplied with 200mm Red /Black PTFE cable. Extended length to order

RAILled Asymmetric Projector for Handrail Lighting
RAILled Asymmetric Handrail Lighting
RAILled Asymmetric Projector 316 Stainless Steel