Illuminated handrail planning

Illuminated Handrail Planning, ensuring the best results

Planning is not necessary for every installation, for example domestic projects where the emphasis is on a more decorative, dramatic appearance rather than performance to specification. However the opposite is true for commercial and industrial projects.

Transit’s planning support provides detailed lighting simulation of each project, using a software called Photometric Design. Every product has a unique electronic file containing information on beam spread, illumination performance and efficacy, information used to accurately predict lighting performance.

Trialing with the Photometric design software results in a detailed simulation of the installation. In order to achieve the optimum results we fine tune the  projector position/ lens combination. The PRO S projector position within RAILled and RAIled 2D are determined from these results

Information published in electronic or PDF file provides results as lines, false colours and point calculations.

Photometry files available

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Illuminated handrail planning stair simulation
Illuminated handrail planning
Illuminated Handrail Planning Transit Lighting Support