RAILled 2D Asymmetric Handrail Lighting Projector

The ultimate performer in handrail lighting
Now with simple push-fit installation

For Handrail Emergency Lighting and sensitive areas such as wildlife conservation

More than any other Handrail Lighting projector RAILled 2D Asymmetric provides unparalleled versatility. When running a project simulation in Photometric Software consider this product as a conventional spotlight, allowing movement in two planes. Project across the target surface up to 60 degrees and rotate a full 360 degrees.

Aside from being incredibly versatile this amount of sophistication also achieves very precise illumination.  This precision is especially useful when wishing to achieve uniformity at low intensity. As for projects such as emergency lighting and wildlife conservation.

Consequently the results from simulation are machined into a solid metal body.  As a result, in conjunction with our unique retention system every installation features each projector pointing at exactly the right place. The precise amount of light precisely where it is needed.

In addition, for narrow walkways this results in greater distances between installation points. This not only means greater energy efficiency but also cost reductions in product and installation time.

RAILled 2D is not only sophisticated but tough too. It has all of the features of our other projectors being Waterproof to IP 67 and Vandal resistant to IK 10.  Manufactured in Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel and hence provides excellent corrosion resistance


To install, machine a 35mm diameter hole into the tube, make all electrical connections and insert with the dedicated tool. Our unique retention system provides a tamper proof and solid installation, even with impact form vandals, it cannot be pushed into the tube.

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PRO S – the common component

LED Handrail drivers and Emergency

Last but not least the choice of LED Handrail Driver.

Above all else safety has to be the main concern and on this basis the choice is either Constant Current or Constant Voltage.

Constant Current

Series connection. The easiest circuit to install with RAILled 2D Asymmetric connects to each other with a single wire return.

The driver provides a constant amperage, but as the number of RAILled 2D increase so must the voltage, by nominally 3 volts per unit. In order to comply with SELV we recommend Class 2 drivers at a maximum output of 48volts d.c.. As a result  this means a maximum of 15 fixtures per driver.

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Constant Voltage

Parallel / Series connection. A 24 volt d.c. supply requiring Dc-Dc converters in order to power up to 6 RAILled 2D per converter.

The driver provides a constant voltage of 24 volts d.c resulting in compliance with SELV and the connection of any number of RAILled 2D, limited only be cable loss.

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See d.c.-d.c. converters>


We provide 3hour Maintained battery back up for 24volt Constant Voltage operation

In order to operate on UPS Emergency systems we can provide A.C. drivers that will operate on a d.c. voltage as well

Please contact us for more information.


LED power consumption 1 watt
Operating current 350ma (typ. fV 2.85)
Lumen output: 120 lumens
Colour temperature: 3000K warm white / 4000K Cool White CRI 80
Beam angle 19 -36 degrees
Ingress Protection Water resistant to IP67

Supplied with 200mm /1.2mm black & red PTFE sleeved wire

RAILled 2D Asmmetric projector for Handrail Emergency Lighting and Wildlife Conservation


Asymmetric Handrail lighting the ultimate in versatility and performance
Asymmetric handrail lighting RAIlled 2D
RAILled 2 asymmetric PRO S
RAILled 2D Asymmetric handrail lighting